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Know someone who might benefit from a few of our products? We’re excited to now offer custom gift packages! Perfect for raffles, party favors, corporate gifts, or just because, our carefully curated bundles are sure to bring whole-body health and happiness to its receivers.

Need some inspiration? Whole Harmony has you covered. For those fighting the common cold, we might suggest a Wellness Box complete with our Good Riddance Detox Tea, Immune Builder Tea, Elderberry Syrup, and Folk Fyre just to name just a few. Unsure of how to celebrate the newly-engaged couple in your life? Crafted to settle the nerves of a heart about to give itself away, consider giving a custom-made gift package containing our Jittery Tea for the Bride to Be. Regardless of the occasion, Whole Harmony’s gift packages are perfect for those looking to pass along a little love, warmth, and light.

At Whole Harmony, we take the time to put together our custom packages and their labels by hand. If interested in placing an order, please allow us two weeks to prepare your order. We look forward to hearing from you!